Friday, 21 February 2014

Green Deal cash-back scheme expands

There is now:

Up to £4,000 available for solid wall insulation, up from £650
Up to £1,000 for anyone needing ‘room in roof’ insulation, increased from £220
Up to £650 for households installing double glazing, up from £320.
“Inefficient homes use a lot more energy than they need to, which consumers pay a high price for,” said Energy & Climate Change Minister Greg Barker. “The extension and increase to Green Deal cash-back means more families will be helped to have warmer, more energy-efficient homes and lower energy bills by next winter. These changes also create more opportunities for the growing number of authorised Green Deal companies.”

Monday, 17 February 2014

After just 626 households sign up to the floundering Green Deal in its first year, the industry has called for the government to act now to save the flagship energy efficiency scheme

Numbers of households signing up to the scheme in the past month have dropped by a fifth, causing the industry to call on the government to ‘wake-up’ to problems with the scheme.

Chief executive of the UK Green Building Council, Paul King, said: ‘This latest set of figures, coming a year since the policy launched, should come as a wake-up call to government that the Green Deal is not delivering in its current form.
‘As a financial package, the Green Deal just doesn’t stack up. There are many attractive high street alternatives out there, with loans and credit cards generally available at more competitive rates to fund both the lower and higher value types of eligible energy-efficiency project. Other government incentives such as the recently announced reduction in stamp duty for those taking up the Green Deal are also not inclusive. The pot of money is too small and, worse still, this incentive will only apply to people who are buying or selling their home.’

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Householders warned to avoid Green Deal scam

A WARNING has been issued by police and trading standards about a Green Deal scam.

Bogus callers phone homeowners and tell them they are entitled to £10,000 of funding for home improvements. The person is asked to pay £149.99 for an energy performance assessment to be carried out.

However, the assessment is either never carried out or the work is undertaken but the householder does not receive a certificate which they should do under the Green Deal code of practice.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “The Green Deal can only be delivered through government contracted assessors and providers, identifiable by a unique government allocated number. Consumers are advised to look out for the Green Deal Approved quality mark. Only Green Deal assessors, providers and installers can use it. This shows they meet Green Deal standards and are authorised to operate under the Green Deal.”

Consumers taking out a Green Deal require an assessment completed by an authorised assessor who will visit your home, talk to you about your property and your energy use and help decide if you could benefit from Green Deal improvements.

If anyone has any information about a possible ‘Green Deal’ scam, they should contact the police on 101 or Trading Standards on 01463 228700. Further details about the scheme can be provided by the Energy Savings Trust on 0808 808 2282.

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