Monday, 18 June 2007


Collecting energy from the sun to heat water will reduce energy requirements by upto 70% on an annual basis but during the summer you could expect the reduction to be 100%. The saving would then reflect 10%-20% on your annual fuel bill. The saving in actual money would be £80-£160 on an average uk fuel bill nice, but to balance the equation the cost of installation could be around £4000 which at best would give a payback period of 25 years . Not a very good prospect but that would be a lot less greenhouse gases ,so a good moral choice but no incentive.

The cost of fuel bills is set to rise because fossil fuels are only a finite resource notably north sea gas. Now the goverment have stepped in with a grant of £2500 to every household provided you have planning permission so the money is yours. The goverment will relax planning regulations so that providing the solar panels do not protrude more than 150mm and do not cover more than 60% of the roof area ther will be no need for planning permission.

Now lets do our calculation again, well the payback will come in at 9.3 years without any provision for the unpredictable price of energy and your saving the planet its a no brainer.

installation manual pdf

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