Friday, 4 January 2008

Grate Expectations for Energy Saving Product

January 03, 2008 - Press Dispensary - A Wakefield-based business, Environmental Fireplace Solutions, is launching the Fireplace Heatsaver ( ), a product that is expected to slash householders’ heating bills and reduce their carbon footprint by as much as half a ton a year.

Over seven million properties in the UK have fireplaces which act as a ‘vacuum cleaner’, constantly sucking warm air up the chimney and out of expensively heated rooms, leaving cold air behind which then has to be reheated.

Recognising this problem, George Baker - managing director of Environmental Fireplace Solutions, who has over 25 years experience of working in the flue and chimney industry - came up with the concept of an attractive, lightweight, transparent shield which is easy to place over open fireplaces or fitted gas fire appliances and remove when they are in use.

Following months of painstaking research and development by the company, production of the Fireplace Heatsaver is now in full swing and an application has been made for a UK patent, along with product recognition status from the Energy Saving Trust. The company is also in discussions with Warm Front, a body funded by DEFRA which provides households with grants for heating and insulation. Environmental Fireplace Solutions is also supported by business incubator, West Yorkshire Ventures.

Daniel Shute, a director of Environmental Fireplace Solutions, said: “Bringing a new product to market is both challenging and demanding and having the backing of West Yorkshire Ventures has been beneficial.”

He added: “As winter approaches, we are confident that the Fireplace Heatsaver, which really does make homes warmer, is a winner on both the environmental and fiscal front. Our sales target over the next 12 months is 5,000 units.”

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