Monday, 2 June 2008

Push for sustainable energy from householders

As many as 9m microgeneration units such as solar panels and wind turbines could be in place within 12 years if the Government provides the financial and legal support.
They could produce as much energy as five large new nuclear power stations and by 2030 would be saving as much carbon as if all HGVs and buses were taken off the road.

The independent report, prepared for the Government, is claimed to be the largest piece of independent consumer research ever conducted into the market potential of microgeneration.

Its publication led to calls for the Government to bring forward strong policy measures underpinned by legally binding Government targets to encourage people to switch to mass-produced sustainable energy schemes.

Currently there are about 100,000 home energy installations but this could increase to 9m by 2020 if consumers are given a financial incentive and the confidence to make the switch.
Legally binding Government targets for microgeneration, backed up by concrete policy measures, would also encourage investment in the market, the report says.

Small-scale energy units would include solar panels, wind turbines, combined heat and power boilers, and ground and air source pumps.

It says take-up could be boosted by so called feed-in tariffs - allowing householders to sell any electricity they do not need in their own home to the big energy companies at a fixed price.
By Paul Eccleston

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