Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Are surface water charges soaking up your money?

If the rainwater in your home's drainpipes doesn't flow into the public sewers, you may be able claim a refund from your water bill.

Lucy SiegleLucy Siegle met viewer Mark Smart who for the past six years has paid a surface water drainage charge, as part of his water bill.

But Mark discovered that the rainwater in his home's drainpipes was not flowing into the public sewers. The rainwater was flowing into a soakaway (a pit filled with stones) in his back garden, instead.

Mark had been paying the water company for a service that he is doing himself. He told his water company about the soakaway and has received a £400 rebate from his bill.

Surface water drainage charge?

When rain falls on your property it has to go somewhere. Usually it runs down a drainpipe and into the public sewer. Water companies call this 'surface water' and charge you for draining it away. But there are ways of getting rid of surface water that may involve the water companies, soakaways for example. Another example is if your property is next to a river and the surface water from your property runs into the river.
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