Friday, 14 January 2011

Baxi Ecogen Boiler

It's a revolutionary wall-hung combined heat and power appliance that can provide efficient gas central heating and hot water like any other boiler, but also generates electricity for use in your home.
One of the ways to become more efficient may be through Combined Heat and Power (CHP), where facilities in the home use a fuel source to generate both electricity and heat.
Micro-CHP is the process of generating both heat and electricity from one source. CHP has been used for years on a bigger scale in hospitals, school and office blocks, so it's a well trialled system.
The electricity can then be used within the home, with excess being fed back into the National Grid. The Engine produces 1.1kW of electricity but it also produces 6 kW of heat for hot water and central heating. If this is not enough then there is a supplementary heater unit that puts additional heat into the hot water system. The whole system is 90% efficient.
Electricity suppliers will pay householders a generation tariff of 10p every kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity generated and an export tariff of 3p for every kWh of electricity exported back.

Key features and benefits:

* For the environment: electricity generated close to where it is to be used has fewer carbon emissions and is much more efficient
* For the householder: saving money on electricity bills. In addition, from April 2010 electricity suppliers will pay a Feed-in Tariff to householders for every kWh of electricity generated and exported back to the electricity grid.
* For specifiers and housebuilders: micro-CHP offers an effective way of meeting the UK Government's targets towards zero carbon homes
* For utilities: micro-CHP offers an effective way of meeting the UK Government's Carbon Reduction Targets with the CERT Program

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