Friday, 13 April 2012

Is it cheaper to put the heating on high for a short time or longer at a lower temperature?

A house will heat up from cold more quickly the hotter the radiators are.

On the face of it, therefore, operating a boiler at maximum means a warm home, quicker.

However, the efficiency of a central heating system – and this is particularly true for modern condensing boilers – depends a very great deal on the correct matching of boiler power output to the size and number of radiators.

So, key to keeping your home warm with the central heating system at minimum cost, is having the correct boiler installed in the first place, and then using the correct power output setting.

If you set your boiler output too high, then the temperature at which the water returns to the boiler after circulating through the radiator system will be too high for it to recover much heat from the boiler’s exhaust gases (the process that normally makes condensing boilers much more efficient).

Try operating the boiler with as low an output setting as is consistent with achieving the required warmth in your home in a reasonable time.

Do be aware, however, that operating at low boiler output temperatures will also mean that water in your domestic hot water tank will take longer to warm-up too – so a little trial-and-error will be required.

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