Wednesday, 11 November 2009

leaf log

Leaf Log, manufactured in the UK from naturally fallen tree leaves has already contributed to reducing dependency on fossil fuels and reducing carbon dioxide and methane being released into the atmosphere since its inception 2 years ago. Making use of the one millions tonnes of leaves falling from UK trees every year enables Leaf Log to become a realistic, sustainable and renewable energy source for households and industry across the globe.

With a burn time of up to 3 hours, Leaf Logcan be used in stoves, chimineas, multi-fuel burners and open fires - in fact anywhere one would usually use coal or wood (except BBQ cooking) . Stored indoors (dry), you can simply return home after a long day, place a Leaf Log in the grate, light the bag (wrapper) and settle down in front of a cosy fire in a matter of seconds. No firelighters, kindling or hassle involved.

Typically, each broad based British tree sheds up to 50,000 leaves each autumn which are dumped in landfill – with a small percentage redirected for composting Significantly, these leaves release methane (23 times more hazardous than CO2) into the atmosphere when decomposing.

In contrast, when leaves are burnt they only give off the carbon they absorbed during the summer months on the tree - they add nothing extra to the environment making them carbon neutral.

In order to reduce our own carbon emissions as a manufacturing plant, Leaf Log is used to heat our offices and research is taking place in order to utilise the product to produce itself ie converting the energy into electricity.

BioFuels International Limited is a local business working with local authorities, residents and private/community organisations to reduce leaf litter from our streets by turning it into energy which can be burnt in the home and industry.

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