Thursday, 7 January 2010

The cost of boiler breakdown cover

Research from consumer organisation Which? found that nearly one in three of all new boilers will break down within their first six years of operation, with repair costs often running into hundreds of pounds.

For example, according to website , to sort out a problem with a heat exchanger, which transfers the heat from the hot gases to the circulating water and is one of the most common breakdown problems, would cost around £325.
You should also bear in mind that if you have a new boiler, this sort of cover may not be necessary at all, as you may already be covered for breakdowns by a warranty.
You should also check with your household insurer that emergency breakdown isn't already covered by your home policy, although often even when it is, cover limits tend to be relatively low.

Some insurers include it as standard in their buildings cover. For example, Legal & General includes home emergency cover of up to £150 to cover call-out fees, labour costs and materials.

Prudential also automatically includes home emergency cover in its home insurance policies. This covers call out fees, parts, labour and materials up to £250 per call-out for emergencies relating to the main source of heating in the home.

It also covers emergencies relating to electricity supply, internal plumbing and drainage, as well as locks, doors and windows.

If you are claiming benefits, then paying for cover could again be unnecessary, as you may be eligible for a Warm Front grant of up to £3,500 to cover you for boiler repairs or replacement.

People aged over 60 who don't qualify for a grant may still be able to get a £300 rebate on work carried out on a system that is inoperable. For more information, visit the website , or telephone 0800 316 2808.
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