Sunday, 17 January 2010

Toyota Introduces "Swappage"

As the UK scrappage scheme draws to a close, Toyota has come up with a scheme of its own, which it is calling "swappage". Under swappage, any car registered between 1 March 2000 and 28 February 2003 can be traded in (by someone who has owned it for at least 12 months) for a new Yaris, Auris or Avensis, as long as it is still registered with the DVLA, is insured and has a current MOT certificate.
Customers taking advantage of swappage get £2000 off the list price of a Yaris or Auris, £2500 off an Avensis T2 and £2750 off an Avensis TR or T4. And, unlike scrappage, the swappage scheme does not necessarily mean that the traded-in vehicle will be carted off to the slaughterhouse for recycling unless it really needs to be, so you can take a classic to your local Toyota dealer with a clear conscience.
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