Sunday, 21 March 2010

Fuel rebate for those over 70

A quarter of a million people over 70 will get an £80 discount off their electricity bill this summer.

To qualify they have to be on a very low income - getting the pension credit 'guarantee credit'.

The rebate will be paid by the six top energy suppliers including British Gas and Eon as well as their subsidiaries.

No claim is needed as the Department for Work and Pensions will tell the energy companies who is eligible for the rebate.

The people who qualify will have a birth date of 26 March 1940 or earlier. They will also have to get the guarantee credit of the means tested benefit pension credit and not get the savings credit element.

That means their income in 2010/11 - apart from pension credit - is no more than £98.40 a week (single) or £132.60 (couple).

A couple will qualify if either meets the age qualification.

People who pay their bill through a prepayment card will also get the £80 paid by cheque or voucher posted to their address.

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