Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Eco-town plans in doubt as short list delayed

A list of 16 bids to build the towns, which was drawn up in April, had already been cut to 13 after three applicants - from areas in Lincolnshire, Staffordshire and Bedfordshire - pulled out.
Now it has emerged that three more, in Norfolk, North Yorkshire and Cambridgeshire, are also suffering problems, while plans for another in South Yorkshire have been cut back from 15,000 homes to 5,000.

Developers in Selby, in North Yorkshire - have had their proposals blocked by local authorities, while a partner in the scheme at Hanley Grange, near Cambridge, has withdrawn. The Government has won permission to build a prison on the proposed site of the eco-town in Coltishall, Norfolk.

Earlier this month Caroline Flint, the Housing Minister, has disclosed in a little-noticed document that the final shortlist of locations for the towns, which was due to be published in October, will now not be released until next year.

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