Monday, 23 July 2007

BA attacked for 'risible' carbon offsetting

The airline industry has come under fire from MPs for not doing enough about carbon offsetting.
British Airways was singled out for stinging criticism with its efforts on offsetting described as "risible".

A report from the Environmental Audit Committee said airlines should make it easier for passengers to buy offsets because it had a part to play in reducing greenhouse gases.

Offsetting works by allowing customers or companies to pay towards CO2 emission reduction projects - such as planting trees - to make amends for the greenhouse gases they produce themselves.
The report said it was important that individuals, organisations and companies should be encouraged to offset because in the short-term it had a part to play in cutting CO2 emissions - one of the biggest causes of climate change.

The report said:
# Carbon offsets have a role to play in cutting carbon emissions and raising awareness of climate change;
# Encouraging offsets must not inhibit increased efforts to cut emissions;
# Research is needed to find out if buying offsets makes people more or less determined to cut their own carbon footprint;
# Airlines must make it easier for passengers to buy offsets;
# The Government should compel the most carbon-intensive businesses to offer offset services;
# Individuals should be given a compulsory-choice option for offsetting when procuring carbon intensive goods and services;
# Government and business must agree the definition of "carbon neutral" when applied to business and develop appropriate audit standards.
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