Monday, 30 July 2007

Tommy plans an eco house

THE building star of BBC's Ground Force, Tommy Walsh, has embarked on a new project to build a state-of-the-art eco home in March.

He is building the house in the most environmentally friendly and cost-efficient manner possible, with the team choosing construction materials based on their green credentials. The whole project has a budget of just £60,000.

The construction of the two-bedroom detached house is expected to take little more than 60 days and the progress will be shown on television.

Tommy said: "I am very excited about working on such a challenging project. I hope it will highlight environmental issues surrounding new-build houses and help to pave the way for how houses will be built in the future."

The buyer of the home will benefit from a 10-year warranty from LABC New Home Warranty, which covers new and newly converted properties ensuring the home is built to the highest possible standard.
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