Sunday, 29 July 2007

Magic Boiler Scheme

The Magic boiler scheme allows you to purchase high efficiency boilers and central heating controls at reduced prices.

By installing simple energy-efficiency measures into your home, you could reduce your fuel bills by up to £200 per year.

To help you make these savings the Magic boiler scheme provides special discounts with various boiler manufacturers and is managed through PTS - Plumbing Trade Supplies.

If you want to buy the boiler yourself, just mention the Magic Boiler Scheme at PTS, or let your plumber know about the scheme and they can gain access to the same discounts.

A £20 cash back is also available when a boiler is purchased at PTS, who will supply you with the necessary application form.

To find out more about the Magic Boiler Scheme
Magic Boiler Pricelist
PTS Plumbing

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